Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Except that the man was NOT dying.....

Tick Box Medicine - Another Example

Mrs Munkenbeck said that her father was taken off an intravenous drip last week but she argues that he has as much of a right to life as anyone else. Although a spokesman for Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey says Mr Troake is not on the scheme "at the moment", it is likely he will be offered a plan of care for dying patients.

"We believe that he has been forced down this route. By withdrawing fluids he is now very weak and there's no going back from it," she told The Daily Telegraph yesterday.

"I just want him protected. He's looking at us and talking to us. He's not suffering from a terminal illness, he just had a stroke. We just feel they decided from the beginning that he's 95 so they've written him off."

A spokesman for Frimley Park Hospital said: "Sometimes, actively treating a patient who is dying can unnecessarily prolong suffering.

Except the man wasn't dying....

Do you really think that OUR system wouldn't do this if the government was running it and wanted to save money?

And to think that our government, the same government that can run Cash for Clunkers, wants to run our health care....

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