Saturday, August 22, 2009

Why Are We In Afghanistan?

Last week, the nutroots held their annual convention somewhere in America. (Who really cares where? A bunch of losers whining about the country that gives them the freedom to whine.)

A video I saw had some idiot asking the question: "Why are we in Afghanistan?"

Well, pally, in case you missed this on the Communist News Network: (and these are just the ones we know about)

KABUL, Afghanistan (CNN) -- Making good on a threat of election day violence, the Taliban sliced off the index fingers of at least two people in Kandahar province, according to a vote monitoring group. After they cast their ballots, the fingers of Afghan voters are stained with ink to prevent them from voting multiple times. The fingers of the two women in Kandahar, a stronghold of the Taliban, were cut off because they voted, said Nader Naderi of the Free and Fair Election Foundation.

The Taliban had vowed to disrupt Thursday's election and the risk was too great for some Afghans to venture out, especially in the southern provinces that form the heartland of the radical Islamist group. Just days ahead of the election, U.S. Marines and other NATO forces carried out military operations to clear and hold sectors that have long been in the Taliban grip, and free up the population to vote. Sporadic attacks on election day killed 26 people and injured scores more.

Still, Afghan officials hailed the voting as a success.

So I have to wonder, if the nutroots are so adamant about freedom, womens rights, and voters' rights, why are they not, right now, at this very moment, packing their bags and heading to Kabul to put a stop to this? I also wonder would they have the cajones to go vote if they knew this was going to happen to them? I seriously doubt they would. They prefer to stay where it's safe, behind their laptops in Mama's basement, pounding out diatribe and drivel about the injustices perpetrated on the poor taliban. After all, the taliban are just Freedom Fighters, right? Like Che and Fidel? Trying to get their country back from the Yankee imperialists who want to impose freedom and democracy on everyone. Can't have none of that now, can we?

I knew it wouldn't be long before the nutjobs on the left began their anti-war/pro-terrorist crap again. They thought their boy Zero was going to end all wars, bring the troops home, shut down Gitmo and give every terrorist 40 acres and mule.

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