Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Trillion Here, A Trillion There...

and pretty soon, you're talking about serious money. (As former Senator Ernest Fritz Foghorn Leghorn "theres too much consumin' going on out there" Hollins once said, although he actually said "billion" back then.)
CORRECTION: I mistakenly combined the the idiotic statements of two senators. Although, this website has no verification that Dirksen ever actually said "a billion here a billion there..."

Thanks to a commenter for catching that....

So Zero's economists missed the projection by 2 trillion dollars. Well, hey, they're busy trying to stuff socialized medicine down our throats, run a car company, run banks, control how much money you can earn, find out how much the mid-level executives working for insurance companies earn and running a spam email campaign that is paid for by tax-payers, so you can't really expect them to catch every little nuanace now, can you?

Give 'em a break, for petes sake. These people have a country to ruin. They don't have time for details.

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