Sunday, August 09, 2009


Has anyone else had to shop for freakin' tennis shoes lately? The last time I did was at least 6 years ago. WTF OVER!????!!!!!!

I have just spent two days, two freaking, effed up days, at least 8 hours of going from store to store to store looking for durable, comfortable shoes. Sears, Penny's Macys, Famous Footwear, Payless, Saxons, the list goes on. While the service was good, the selection sucked! Apparently, one must find their own shoes now by hunting through the boxes. Only one store had knowledgeable sales people.

If they had a style that didn't scream "look at me look at me look at me!!!", one that actually looked respectable, it wasn't in my size. If it was in my size, THE DAMN CHINESE MADE SHOE DIDN'T FREAKING FIT! Not only isn't size standardized anymore between brands, ITS NOT EVEN STANDARDIZED BETWEEN STYLES! Wanna fix the trade deficit? Enforce standardization. Changing sizes didn't fit either. Nikes fit like gloves. OJ's freaking glove. The rest were just as bad. Each one has to outdo the other in some little way with "unique" cushion designs or supports or flashy stripes. Hey companies! Get a clue! All of your shoes look alike. And nobody wants to wear your logo. We just put up with it.

Then there's the leather. Who decided that tennis shoes, shoes made for being outside and getting dirty, in the heat and mud, should be made with more leather than my combat boots! I found a pair that fit, in leather. If I wanted leather, I'd get boots.

And the price! I finally found a pair at one place. Then I found out that they wanted an extremely personal part from me in exchange. Heck, even the discounts wanted obscene amounts for their shoes, even on sale.

Hey shoe companies, if you just surround some decent support with nylon and glue it to some rubber, you can cut costs and make a bigger profit! Get rid of the leather! Call them Common Sense Shoes and the baby boomers would snap them up. And keep the logos off the shoes.

The good news is that I found shoes at DSW Warehouse. The bad news is that I expect shoes that fit, not almost fit. But what happens is you get worn down by the never ending fight against crap. You get worn out by the endless hunt for an honest shoe. All you want is a shoe to fit as advertised and at least looks reasonable. But what happens is you get worn down and you accept less that perfection, less than what you wanted. You take the crap.

Kinda like the government we have.

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