Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Reports From the Front Lines

A first person account from Maryland Senator Cardin's Townhall:

We attended to the Cardin Town Hall meeting last evening. Seeing our Patriots in action would have made you proud to be an American.... You must attend one of these meetings. Your Country needs your support. Time to pay your dues. See our Patriots in action for yourself.

First - Cardin (Democrat Senator, MD) sent everyone an e-mail asking us to sign up so that he could ascertain how many would be attending. No reserved seats, they were just taking numbers. The doors were scheduled to open at 6:00 - the meeting was to start at 7:00.

Second - By the time we arrived, 6:00, people were not being let in to the meeting. They had actually opened the doors at 3:30 or 4:00 to let Cardin's pro Obama Supporters in. Cardin did not have reserved seating - however he got his support people in first.But then our crowd finally got in and we outnumbered the Union goons by 6 to 1...

Third - Everyone outside (about 1,000 of us) was peaceful. ACORN was there with MEGAPHONES. ACORN people were wearing red shirts and anyone who was a part of them wore little sticky badges. The sticky badge people placed themselves among those who were protesting OBAMACARE. Then Acorn started shouting "healthcare for everyone". Our people responded with "No to OBAMACARE". We were not timid and mixed with their crowd. Many of us engaged them in heated, face to face, exchanges. It was wonderful, American Patriots standing up for their rights and beliefs and shouting down the ACORN opposers.. With God's Grace and the will of the American People we outnumbered them - maybe 6 to 1. There were two of the Union Paid people who came by us (we carried protest signs). They could not answer the questions we were there to ask Cardin. They kept saying that what is posted on the internet concerning OBAMACARE was false. I asked the fellow where he was getting his information - he said on the internet - DUH!

Fourth - When we made it to the top of the Art Center where the meeting was taking place, they had Security People to rope us off and literally push us back with poles. If we had been a MOB, they would have been no match for us. We were all peaceful and complied with their direction not wishing to create an incident...Since Cardin was not going to speak with us, they let us fill out questionnaire cards. They said there would be a response to them.

The young Acorn people were milling around shouting invectives and personal insults and trying to start disturbances and to intimidate US.. They could not. We beat them back at every opportunity. When ever one of us engaged in an argument with several Acorns, a score of our supporters would wade in and shout down the Acorns. We fearlessly took them on and beat them at every turn..

Also, when I spoke with a young man of 19 years of age, in college, paying for his own way (so he says) he really believed that less taxes will be taken out of his pay BECAUSE HE THINKS HE WON'T HAVE TO PAY SOCIAL SECURITY OR MEDICARE TAXES! What a crock!!

BEWARE, this administration is ushering in rough times for us and our children and grandchildren. Please, your country needs your support and needs it NOW. Sign and send in those e-mail petitions. Attend our protests. This is for all of us for years to come. We have the numbers, we have the will, we must stop this Obama initiative so help us God.....

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