Sunday, August 30, 2009

A proper Ode to "the Lion of the Senate"

Theo Spark, a very talented blogger over in England, seems to see things in a clearer way than do many Americans: (excerpt, link added)

...He made it his life's work to seemingly do the opposite of what reason and rationality would dictate was good for this country. I will not miss him in the least. Besides, now we have the First Comrade Obama to take up his cause which seemed to be "hate America first"...then do everything possible to destroy it.

Earlier today I read this somewhere, and still have not decided if it is Irish haiku or poetic justice, but it sums up my feelings on the matter pretty clearly:

Posterity will ne'er survey
A nobler grave than this
Here lie the bones of Ted Kennedy
Stop traveller, and piss

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