Wednesday, August 12, 2009

UPDATE!!! No One Likes Insurance Companies

The tactics of the left change daily, based on the repsonse of the affected groups. The healthcare reform bill, HR 3200, is now the health insurance reform bill. Instead of discussing healthcare or the components contained therein, they change the rhetoric.

Its no surprise to me, I've seen it done by the communists in Soviet Russia and other socialist nations.

So now the health insurance companies are the bad guys. Just remember, HR 3200 is STILL the same bill we read and rejected. It has the same components contained in it which will enable government takeover of 20% of the Nations' economy.

The only thing that has changed is the rhetoric.

The truth about insurance companies and American citizens standing up to politicians.

Barack Obama last year received more campaign cash from health maintenance organizations than any politician before him ever did -- and it's not even close.
Obama raised more than $1.4 million in 2008 from the employees and executives of "Health Services/HMOs" as the Center for Responsive Politics labels them -- or "villains" as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calls them. That's more than the combined haul of every Republican nominee since Ronald Reagan left office.

These numbers don't prove that Obama is owned by the health insurers. But they deflate the liberal claim that Republicans and "reform" protesters are shills for the industry.

But the liberals and the Democrats are now relying on this line of attack -- that opponents of "reform" are doing the bidding of the insurance companies -- instead of trying to defend on the merits their package of subsidies, taxes, regulations, mandates, spending, and new government programs.

The truth, largely ignored in the media, is not useful for Democrats nor does it fall into the standard journalistic framework of regulators-vs-industry: Health insurance companies, which have given nearly twice as much to Democrats this cycle as to Republicans, are lobbying for and running ads in favor of most of the big-government provisions in Democrats' health care "reform" bills.

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