Thursday, August 06, 2009

My response to What IS Right for Virginia

Mr. JC White at What IS right for Virginia believes that Tea Party members have no place in HIS America: "The truth is, you are shills for your party, as well as the insurance and oil industries. Spent as much time studying the issues as you do screaming what you heard on television and you just might wise up.

Anarchists have no place in my America, the one I served in the military to protect. The reserve a special place in hell for you."

My response (also in his comments):
Anarchists? Tea Party members? Or protesters at the town hall meetings? They are not necessarily one and the same. But they are not anarchists. Screw the Republican Party and the Democrat Party. Vote them BOTH out. The GOP wishes they could get behind this.

What we are saying NO to is the unseemly haste that Congress is using to pass bills that are not finished and/or unread. We are saying NO to more interference by a gov't claiming to be able to bring down costs without hurting the quality of care, yet, can't pay for Medicare/Medicaid or the VA and can't run their own damn cafeteria at a profit. Heck, the Cash for Clunkers joke ran out of money in 4 days! The budget was for 4 months! Who knew people would want free money?

Because we say NO to further spending, that increased Bush's debt of 453 billion to Obama's 1.2 TRILLION, we're not patriots? Because we question our representatives actions, we're not patriots? We're not patriots because we don't want the government to destroy the American economy with Cap and Trade, based on false science of manmade global warming? Even T.Boone Pickens is losing money on his windmills and that's with gov't help.
Right now, there is no free market. The financial markets were screwed with since the 80's. Insurance companies are constantly being forced to accept mandates on coverage. Over regulation, high taxes, and a litigious business society drives business away.

Let me tell you, oh so high and mighty veteran, I'm a retired 25 year Navy vet, that has stood beside vets from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, and OEF/OIF at Tea Party rallies. Were you out counterprotesting the REAL anarchists of Code Pink and A.N.S.W.E.R.? Are you helping to track down the truth behind those false vet in the antiwar movement? How about the Earth First nuts that burn houses? Oil, coal, gas and nuclear power are the only realistic power supplies we have at the moment. Wind and solar are just supplements. NO other country is supplying their energy needs by Wind and Solar at realistic rates. Germany is backing away from it because its so expensive.

So maybe it's you that need to do some research. Why don't you attend one of the Tea Party rallies and see first hand who shows up and who is organizing it. Its the LEFT that has the paid protesters: Acorn, Answer, and their ilk. Have you objected to the tactics of the Left when they misbehave at the protest du jour?

Or is it that you only don't like dissidence and objections from real citizens?

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