Monday, August 10, 2009

Leftist Dirty Tricks

Don't forget folks, these radical leftists are the same people who trashed recruitment centers back in March. They are quite capable of anything.

This week in the wake of our August Recess Call to Action, FreedomWorks has been the target of a vicious campaign by the likes of, ACORN, the AFL-CIO, and the Democrat National Committee (DNC) to discredit our organization and slander our membership.

As a FreedomWorks member, I think you have a right to know what these groups are saying about you.

While it’s only the first week of the month-long August Congressional Recess, hard-working FreedomWorks volunteers have already been attending town halls and listening sessions to rightly voice their opposition to big government reform proposals such as the cap and trade energy tax and President Obama’s hostile takeover of America’s health care system. The recess action kits that we have provided include talking points on these issues so that activists can be well-informed. They also include tough questions for legislators to answer to provide clarity as to their positions on these important issues.

We feel that it is fair for a lawmaker to hear their constituents’ concerns and frustration over the incredible over-reaches of government power we see in both ObamaCare and the cap and trade energy tax proposals, and to demand answers on where they stand. But the Left has seen fit to characterize our actions as “disruptive” and “disgusting,” even calling us “thugs” and “un-American.”

They are even perpetrating outright lies to the media by accusing FreedomWorks of encouraging our members to be unruly and shout-down Members of Congress, not allowing them to speak. This is of course, not true. FreedomWorks prides itself on making sure you, as members, are well informed on the issues, ask tough questions, and get answers to them. We always encourage volunteers to be respectful, but resolute in communicating their positions on important issues.

These liberal Leftist groups are manufacturing such lies because it gives them a target and they have organized an all-out attack on FreedomWorks’ Washington, D.C. headquarters.

Our offices have literally been hammered over the last week by an organized patch-through phone call campaign by, the Unions, and others that have hit us with phone calls comparing FreedomWorks staff and members to Nazis and issuing profanity-laced verbal assaults including one racist rant leveled at an African American member of our staff. Liberal pundit Rachel Maddow even “declared war” on FreedomWorks’ website, essentially encouraging cyber-attacks by liberal hackers.

These dirty tactics by the Left have forced us to beef-up security at our offices and for our website, and even contact the FBI to report some of the more threatening calls that we have received.

As you know, FreedomWorks does not encourage this kind of underhanded activity. We believe that at their core, our arguments centered on fundamental free market principles stand on their own, which is why we don’t resort to intimidation and lies as the Left so often does.
Nevertheless, the Left is playing dirty and turning up the heat day by day. recently announced that they are building a war chest in an effort to crush us and that in one day they raised over $250,000.

If we are to have a fighting chance against this liberal juggernaut, I need your help today.
Please help us to fight back by taking part in FreedomWorks August Recess Call to Action; attend a town hall meeting this month; and chip in $25, $50, or whatever you can afford to help us continue fighting against Obama’s big government agenda despite the all-out assault that and others have launched:
Help us fight back!

While it is a daunting task to go up against Obama and the Left’s well-funded political machine, the good news is they wouldn’t be attacking us if we weren’t being effective. Your emails, phone calls, and face-to-face interaction with legislators and their staff is making a difference and that is why is raising money specifically to go after us.

Now is the time to kick our campaigns against government-run health care and the ominous cap and trade energy tax into high gear. If we don’t fight back hard and build up the necessary resources for these campaigns, I fear that the Left’s machine will stifle many of our proposed activities and events, and could even threaten the September 12 March on Washington, DC.

Don’t let and others on the Left win! Don’t allow them to slander and dismiss what FreedomWorks and you are working so hard on. Help us by sending your generous contribution today!

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