Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Leadership Counts

Everyday Virginians are seeing firsthand that in this pivotal race for governor, Bob McDonnell is THE candidate of new ideas and strong leadership.

A new Public Policy Poll released today shows Bob McDonnell leading Creigh Deeds by 14 points. This comes on the heels of a Survey USA poll last week that showed Bob leading by 15 points.

It is clear: Bob has momentum because he is demonstrating the strong leadership and bold vision Virginians want in their next Governor.

Creigh Deeds, meanwhile, is stuck following Bob’s lead on issue after issue. And while he follows, he and his surrogates also continue to ramp up their attacks and criticism.

That’s not what Virginians want to see. It’s not what our Commonwealth needs.

With unemployment over 7%, Virginians want leadership. They want ideas. They want solutions. That’s why they are rallying behind Bob’s positive campaign!

Thank you for your support. Together we are going to win this race and bring new jobs and more opportunities to every region of Virginia.

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