Sunday, August 16, 2009

I'm sorry. Your operation is on hold. Your DNC dues haven't been paid yet.

Update: If ACORN was in charge of your Health Care, pray that you're not an Obama critic (Flag@ you know that there's a list somewhere)... ACORN THUG ATTACKS CRIPPLED WOMAN.

The Left always attacks its critics. Always.

From the Clinton machine to Obama's minions, the left has attacked every critic. Pelosi calls concerned citizens, many of them democrats, nazis. The administration tells its people to "punch back twice as hard." This is against private, albeit loosely organized, citizens. Joe the Plumber was investigated and his private information used against him. The press pilloried him for daring to question "the One." Do you think Gov. Palin would have had so much trouble if she had never left Alaska, or hadn't attracted so much support? Now, private citizens are getting calls and emails for questioning and contradicting their representatives in public. Many have gotten threats to their lives. Katy Abrams dared to question Arlen Spector and her family is now getting threats. Kenneth Gladney was beaten by SEIU thugs for daring to be a conservative black man.

Do you really think that, under a Progressive government, who you know and what you say won't be held against you? Who invented anti-2nd Amendment political correctness? Who invented the idea of hate crimes and hate speech? And, of course, we always hear that "right wing" talk is "hate speech," thereby making conservative talk or thought a crime, if taken seriously.

Now, picture these same tyrants in charge of your health care......

Who did you vote for? Are you a union member? Do you support the unions? Are you a member of the right ethnic group? Which candidate did you send money to? Have you sent your donation to the DNC?

These questions, or similar ones, could appear on your standard medical questionnaire.

Tell me that's not a possibility with what you've seen this administration do. Tell me that, with what you've seen appear on the census, this couldn't happen. Tell me, with the incorporation of ACORN, etc, into the government, that this wouldn't matter.

Let's hope that you are right.

But it would be safer if we just don't have government run health care.

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