Thursday, August 06, 2009

I just LOVE America!

Recent comments at View From The Porch, the hangout of the one and only Tam.
When they did, it turned out she had a Benelli Nova bird gun and an Assault Weapons Ban-compliant Bushhamster M4gery in the car, along with enough ammunition to have a pretty good weekend at the range. (But only two spare mags; obviously not a Thunder Ranch grad.) Now, it's a good thing they didn't pull me over on the way to the range, because the trunk of my car on the way to Wildcat Valley would net them a junk-on-the-bunk display that'd make Genovese look like a rank amateur. However, I rarely combine range trips with scouting missions against the New World Order, so the point is kinda moot.

Of course, she has sent the lefties into spasms of "zomg right wing terrorist militia!" Nice work, Nancy.

Caleb said...

I'm going down to Tennessee in Sep for the Tri-State Regional match with a couple of other shooters from the Indy/Metro area. Can you imagine the "junk on the bunk" picture from that?

"This is Jennifer Estradoz reporting live from MiddleBFE, TN where three Indiana men were arrested with a cache of weapons and over 5,000 rounds of high performance ammunition!"


kahr40 said...

At the moment I have about 3000 rounds of handgun ammo and a coulpe of sleeves of shotgun shells in my van and that just the ammo. What she had ain't nothing.

Jay G said...


Weerd Beard and I were joking about that as we made our way to the Northeast blogger shoot. Between the two of us, we had nearly two dozen firearms, close to 10,000 rounds of ammunition, and enough magazines to sink a small boat.

In Massachusetts.

We figured at the very least we'd get a SWAT team and the National Guard...


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