Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gerry Connolly wants to close gun shows.

Or is this ANOTHER bill that Congressmen aren't reading.......

1st Session
H. R. 2324
May 7, 2009

Mr. CASTLE (for himself, Mrs. MCCARTHY of New York, Mr. ISRAEL, Mr. KIRK, Mr. CONNOLLY of Virginia, and Mr. SMITH of New Jersey) introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary

This Act may be cited as the `Gun Show Loophole Closing Act of 2009'.

#1) Gerry Connolly has NO clue as to what he is sponsoring.


#2) Gerry Connolly wants to close all gun shows.


#3) Gerry Connolly wants to deprive Virginians of the freedom of buying and selling certain types of private property without interference from the Federal Government.

Which is it?

Governor DNC Chairman Kaine and the Democrats keep insisting that laws requiring background checks on guns sold by private citizens at gun shows are not for the purpose of harming gun shows.

Well let's take a look at that. Congressman Gerry Connolly (D- 11th District) is a sponsor of H.R.2324 - Gun Show Loophole Closing Act of 2009.

It will force gun show organizers to identify all vendors no later than 30 days IN ADVANCE OF THE SHOW.

(b) Responsibilities of Gun Show Operators-

`(1) IN GENERAL- It shall be unlawful for a person to operate a gun show, unless the person--

`(A) not later than 30 days before the commencement of the gun show, notifies the Attorney General, in writing, of the date, time, duration, and location of the gun show, and the identity of each person who will be a gun show vendor at the gun show;

`(B) before commencement of the gun show--

`(i) verifies the identity of each individual who will be a gun show vendor at the gun show by examining a valid identification document (as defined in section 1028(d)(3)) of the individual containing a photograph of the individual; and

`(ii) requires each such individual to sign--

`(I) a ledger, and enter into the ledger identifying information concerning the individual; and

`(II) a notice which sets forth the obligations of a gun show vendor under this chapter; and

`(C) notifies each person who attends the gun show of the requirements of this chapter, in accordance with such regulations as the Attorney General shall prescribe.

Now, who are the "vendors"?

This means YOU, the Private citizen. So the gun show operator is supposed to look into the future and see that you will come by the show on a sudden whim when you decide to try and sell Grandpa's .45 pistol. And your identification will be recorded that you are there to sell a gun, along with identifying information about the firearms. So, even if you don't sell it, your possession of said firearm will be entered into a database.

(b) Definitions- Section 921(a) of title 18, United States Code, is amended by adding at the end the following:
`(37) Gun Show Vendor- The term `gun show vendor' means a person who is not licensed under section 923 and who exhibits, sells, offers for sale, transfers, or exchanges a firearm at a gun show, regardless of whether or not the person arranges with the gun show operator for a fixed location from which to exhibit, sell, offer for sale, transfer, or exchange the firearm.'.

And to you FFL's out there. Your paper work required by the BATFE is so simple and they are so forgiving. You're not held responsible for honest mistakes, are you? How about the idea that firearms transferred between PRIVATE citizens are now YOUR liability:

`(d) Recordkeeping Requirements-

`(1) IN GENERAL- A licensee who provides a notice pursuant to subsection (c)(2) with
respect to the transfer of a firearm shall--
      `(A) not later than 10 days after the date of the transfer, submit to the Attorney General a report of the transfer, which report shall specify the make, model, and serial number of the firearm, and contain such other information and be on such form, as the Attorney General shall require by regulation, except that the report shall not include the name of or other identifying information relating to any person involved in the transfer who is not licensed under this chapter; and

      `(B) retain a record of the transfer, including the same information as would be required if the transfer were from the inventory of the licensee, as part of the permanent business records of the licensee.

And you firearms dealers have so much free time to do the reporting on guns that YOU ARE NOT MAKING A PROFIT FROM.....

O f course, nothing prevents "vendors" from arranging the sale off the premises. They could just go across the street.....

So, apparently Connolly falls under #1 or #2. Either way he is a fool or a lying piece of ....

Why doesn't someone go ask him.....

h/t Captain of a Crew of One and We Are Change New Jersey

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