Sunday, August 16, 2009

Finally, All the Sugar and Twice the Caffiene In Chewable Form

Thats right folks, the soft drink we all remember from the 80's is also a chewing gum and do they have a plan or what?

H/T to a really good friend CJ at ASP.

In the military?!
Military Discount/Free Stuff Go figure - there’s a shortage of water in the desert. In the PJ years (pre-jolt), this could have been a problem. Come on - it’s not like it’s easy to brew up a pot of java in a cave outside Kandahar. Ahh, but now there's help. Yep, Jolt Gum. The first thing we did was send about 25,000 free packs of Jolt Gum overseas. If you’re stationed somewhere in the Middle East, Bosnia or Afghanistan (or someplace you’re not allowed to discuss), and you didn’t receive any of our tasty gum, complain loudly to whomever’s responsible for doling out the free stuff. If you need more gum (and we know you do), rest assured all online orders shipping to a military address get bonus free gum. We always throw a bunch of free packettes in the box to help you when you're humping through the muck and need an extra boost. Good luck and get home safely.

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