Friday, August 14, 2009

As "Global Warming" is to energy control, Obama Care is to personal control

Tired of the food police telling you, "STEP AWAY FROM THAT DONUT!"?
Tired of the smoking police finding more and more places, including outside and private homes, forbidding the enjoyment of a lawful product?
Tired of the transfat police taking away the flavor?
"Eat no meat!" "Eat no fat!" "Eat no lean!" "Too much Carbs!" Not enough carbs!"
Exercise! Exercise! Exercise! Except, of course, for those dangerous activities like bicycling! Wear your helmet! Don't forget the body armor!

And, of course, everyone's favorite: "Wear your freaking seatbelts, even if you're sitting in a parked car!"

Ok, ok. I understand safety. And no one rides in my car without seatbelts, because I feel that they are a good idea.

But wait until Obama Care takes over. Then the government will be allowed to intrude into EVERY part of your life. Own a gun? Too dangerous. No health care for you. Smoke? Sorry, gonna die. Oh, and your kids are forfeit. You think this won't happen. Google Great Britain's horror stories of how the NHS intrudes into every facet of their subjects lives. All because its the taxpayer paying for the health care.

Health care is the key to controlling EVERYTHING.

h/t the Corner

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