Friday, July 03, 2009

22nd Amendment Repeal - Obama campaign site


Seems like this is a standard now.

Here's a self-professed bi-partisan site with this tagline: was founded by a group of ordinary Americans: Democrats, Republicans and Independents, who found common ground in their belief that the Twenty-Second Amendment must be repealed.
Sounds like a nice independent group. Its not. In fact, at one time I felt this way. The 22nd Amendment was a power grab by Congress. FDR scared the crap out of them, to put it bluntly. Now, to equal the playing field, we need term limits. Limit everyone to the same number of terms as the President.

Let's see what all the fuss is about:
If we pause, if we take time to reflect, if we wait to see how well our President does, we will, in all likelihood, lose the option of electing him in 2016. The movement is not about making sure President Obama is re-elected in 2016 - it is about making sure the people have the right to make the best choice in 2016.
Now why don't I believe that last line.......perhaps its this picture:
And the fact that every tab on the site gets listed in the tool bar as Obma's Third Term/End22/Repeal the 22nd Amendment. Do you notice that everything has to be done NOW? And I love that first line, no time to see how Obama does, we HAVE TO RE-ELECT HIM.

This site was started on INAUGURATION DAY!
The site is equating Obama with FDR , wait, let THEM say it:
During the last Great Crisis Franklin Delano Roosevelt led America out of the Great Depression and through World War II. Today, Barack Obama leads us through the worst Economic Crisis since the Great Depression and leads the War on Terror.
No mention that he was opposed to the War on Terror and its policies. No mention that his policies are bankrupting the country. At least they have one thing right. Obama is similar to FDR since both had polices that worsened their respective recessions.

This entire site is a love letter to Obama. Its not a grassroots, Constitutional group. Its more like a campaign site. There is no list of who is behind the site. Not. One. Single. Name. Their FAQ and About Us sections do nothing but guide the visitor to "membership levels." Of course, all money will be used to finance their community, spread their message, and lobby Congress. No mention of the percentage of the money being spent on "administration costs." And since this is a self-professed lobby group, is it properly registered? Who is running the show?

No wonder Obama sided with the tyrants when Honduras removed their President that wanted to steal another term.

H/t to NeoNeoCon.

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