Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Why Allow Non-Citizens the Right to Vote?

because this adminstration couldn't care less about America. They have no sense of national identity, no allegience to freedom, no sense of patriotism, no pride in being an American.

We are the freeest Nation on the planet, and they can't stand it.

Marxist/socialist nutjobs, everyone of them.

They want America destroyed. They hate the concept of free will, self-determination, and personal responsibility.

Never mind that its the LAW. (Since when has law been an impediment to the furtherance of the marxist agenda? Murder is against the law, and that didn't stop The Chosen Ones' (may peace be upon him) buddies, little Billy Ayers and that marxist bitch Bernadine Dorhn)

Never mind that better men and women sacrificed to ensure the continuance of our way of life.
(They're jack-booted thugs who tyrannize innocent muslim terrorists).

Never mind that people completed the legal requirements and became American citizens so they could take part in the political process. (A bunch of losers who studied hard and worked hard.)

Those of you who were born here; who were handed the civic responsibilty by virtue of your parents, and now bitch and moan about how unfair America is; how awful we are; how evil the process is are to blame for this.

You self-serving little twits. Useful idiots. Enjoy living in your socialist utopia. You'll get exactly what you deserve.

Obama Justice Department Decision Will Allow Non-Citizens to Register to Vote in Georgia
Decision Bars Georgia From Continuing Voter Verification Process

Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel issued the following statement following the U.S. Department of Justice’s denial of preclearance of Georgia’s voter verification process
Atlanta -
“The decision by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) to deny preclearance of Georgia’s already implemented citizenship verification process shows a shocking disregard for the integrity of our elections. With this decision, DOJ has now barred Georgia from continuing the citizenship verification program that DOJ lawyers helped to craft. DOJ’s decision also nullifies the orders of two federal courts directing Georgia to implement the procedure for the 2008 general election. The decision comes seven months after Georgia requested an expedited review of the preclearance submission.
“DOJ has thrown open the door for activist organizations such as ACORN to register non-citizens to vote in Georgia’s elections, and the state has no ability to verify an applicant’s citizenship status or whether the individual even exists. DOJ completely
disregarded Georgia’s obvious and direct interest in preventing non-citizens from voting, instead siding with the ACLU and MALDEF. Clearly, politics took priority over common sense and good public policy.

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