Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Who is a Conservative?

In recent months, the Republican party has been wracked by internecine combat. Conservatives are attacking those not found to be toeing the line. Liberal Republicans demand the purge of conservative thought and platforms, if not the actual purge of conservative members. McCain, though derided for it, self-identified as a conservative. Romney calls himself one also. Other Republicans define themselves as the next Reagan. Colin Powell and Arlen Specter actually promoted the Democratic party over the Republican party. THAT I define as liberal.

Heck, even Reagan acted and voted in ways that would get him described as a moderate today.

So who is to wear the apparently all so important label of "conservative?"

Over at RedState, there is a great essay about the definition of whom to call "conservative".

The essay ends with the all important question:
The question for us is: how can we maintain enough unity to defeat the unified Left, whose mission is to completely transform this country into a Marxist/Socialist/Leftist paradise nightmare? Constant infighting isn’t going to do it. And only accepting Republicans that score an “A” on the conservative fealty test and fall far into the red zone will not do it either. As I’ve (and others here) stated numerous times, I have no issue holding GOP leadership to a higher conservative standard than others, but where do we draw the line? What is the deciding factor? Where should they fall on the continuum?

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