Thursday, June 04, 2009

Some thoughts on the effects of Washington, DC

The saga of the Republican search for the meaning of....well, the meaning of Republicanism, continues. Lance Fairchock presents an essay on the status of conservatism and the Socialist response. He explores the effect of being in Washington on conservative politicians: (emphasis mine)

May Posterity Forget You Were Our Countrymen
There is something about D.C. that saps the will and dulls the intellect of conservatives. Prolonged exposure makes them fretful and risk-averse, even timid with controversial issues. Rather than standing on the fundamental values that define American conservativism such as fiscal restraint, limited government, low taxes and free markets, they sidestep and tap-dance, befuddled by the "bi-partisan" opiates peddled by Socialist Democrats.

Perhaps they are worried about re-election more than the core issues. Their long record of misreading the national temperament, rolling over on leftist initiatives, and pushing the wrong candidates has alienated conservatives of all stripes. They squandered the mandate voters handed them in 2004. Vast numbers have now registered Independent in protest. When you don't fight back, you lose.

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