Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pvt Long, Stephen Johns, Dr.Tiller; All Were Victims of Hate

Frank Gaffney always hits the 10 ring. Krugman is in OKC mode. Blame conservative media (i.e. talk rdio and FoxNews) for the violence perpetrated by people who made a conscience choice to kill.

My issue is the third act of violence that took place that week. An act of hate and violence that Krugman chose to ignore; the cold-blooded murder of Pvt Long by a convicted felon; a prison-convert to muslim ideology. An American jihadist the left would hold up as a hero because the "system failed him". Does Krugman and the VLWM give this self-proclaimed American muslim jihadist asshat wacko nutjob a pass because of his religion or his race?

Mr Gaffney's column on The Chosen One and the Muslim Brotherhood is interesting and you should go read it.

His response to Krugman's response to that column is here and some excerpts are below.

In a column called "The Big Hate," (Paul) Krugman seized upon two unrelated shootings in different cities - of a Kansas abortionist and a U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum guard in Washington - to contend outrageously that disaffected conservatives and Iraq war veterans may pose a public threat.

Mr. Krugman faulted the leading lights of the conservative media for fostering a climate of alienation and anger. He castigated Fox News hosts Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck, charging them with "mainstreaming right-wing extremism." Talk radio's Rush Limbaugh "peddles conspiracy theories" on Planet Krugman.

To this list of alleged extremist-enablers, Mr. Krugman added The Washington Times, noting that it "saw fit to run an opinion piece declaring that President Obama not only identifies with Muslims, but actually may still be one himself and that in any case he has 'aligned himself' with the radical Muslim Brotherhood." The unnamed author was yours truly.

Let me be clear. The nature and religious context of Mr. Obama's relationship with his Creator is, as far as I am concerned, the man's own business. Religious tests for holding public office in this country went out around the time of the Salem witch trials, and I don't want them to come back.

Mr. Obama's policies, however, are fair game for criticism. If the president singles out for special treatment any faith or seeks, whether wittingly or not, to advance the agenda of its most intolerant practitioners, that is decidedly our business.

You should check out Blackfive's response and updates on Officer Stephen Johns.

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