Monday, June 08, 2009

From A Frontline Freeper

The first show is in the can.

(I don't usually watch Steve Colbert, but I'll make an exception in this case)

Greetings from Camp Victory, Iraq!

Good afternoon, I mean good morning for all of you back in the states! I wanted to make you all aware that Steven Colbert of the Colbert Report on Comedy Central is filming his Mon, Tue, Wed and Thursday shows here at the al-Faw palace at Camp Victory where I work. Please tune in to watch the show on those days and keep an eye out for me. Please watch his show and help boost his ratings. Colbert is a strong supporter of the troops and raises thousands of dollars for our troops and their families and he has decided to come over here in the heat and danger to put on a big show for us. He is also the first person to broadcast a show from the war. Judging by the set they have set up, it looks to be an amazing show filled with lots of inside jokes pertaining to they way things are over here and what life is like. I hope you all can tune in and enjoy a great show for the troops! And keep an eye out for an obnoxious soldier waving and going crazy....that will be me haha.

I miss you all and hope that you are all doing well! Keep up the good fight!

Pro Deus quod Terra

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