Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Biden Got Money from Iran?

If you were wondering about Obama/Biden's timidity towards Iran, the story from NewsMax in 2008 shows Biden getting monies for his campaign by the pro-Mullah gang Obama wants to 'talk' to; allow to get nukes; while bashing Israel.

Weak as mush, Obama's timidity is equally appalling towards N. Korea and in both cases our enemies are taking advantage.

Our rally at the White House on July 5th, starts at Noon. We'll have speakers for an hour including Rabbi Krantz and Paul Williams and others. Then we circle with our signs/banners in front of the White House and then we march to the Holocaust Museum and rally there as well including remembering Stephen T. Johns, Security Guard murdered there by that 88yr. old Nazi. Rally will end at 3P.M. We've had calls from NY to Chicago of folks wanting to be a part of this event.

Bibi and his government are always willing to listen, but will not be dictated to.

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