Wednesday, June 10, 2009

10th Amendment? What 10th Amendment?

Cap and Trade. Sounds so..........simple. Doesn't sound like the death knell of America to me. But then, you never hear the bullet that kills you.

Beyond the taxing of our energy and manufacturing industries out of existence, Congress intends to try and control, well......everything. Sound familiar? Very.....socialist progressive.

Washington Post
...the bill also contains regulations on everything from light bulb standards to the specs on hot tubs, and it will reshape America's economy in dozens of ways that many don't realize.

Here is just one: The bill would give the federal government power over local building codes. It requires that by 2012 codes must require that new buildings be 30 percent more efficient than they would have been under current regulations. By 2016, that figure rises to 50 percent, with increases scheduled for years after that. With those targets in mind, the bill expects organizations that develop model codes for states and localities to fill in the details, creating a national code. If they don't, the bill commands the Energy Department to draft a national code itself.

States, meanwhile, would have to adopt the national code or one that achieves the same efficiency targets. Those that refuse will see their codes overwritten automatically,...

The statists always want more control. If they get this, what will they want next? First they came for your light bulbs....then your suv.........

h/t Dynamist and Hamilton, Madison, and Jay

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