Saturday, May 30, 2009

Report on the Hospitality Suites

While I can't seem to remember too clearly what happened (someone kept filling up my glass), here's my after action report.

First up, Bob McDonnell's shindig was well attended. Good music, good food, very little dancing....what is it with Virginians...In Louisiana, if there is free booze, there's ALOT of dancing.

Mullins had FREE ICE CREAM!

Cuccinelli's bash was packed! And packing! That was where the action was.

I hit the Jeffersoniad party and got to meet more bloggers. Free booze and politics! We solved all the nations problems in the first hour. The second hour we decided that the nation deserves what it votes for. I think we turned into mean drunks......

Waking up this morning was interesting.......




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