Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's time to conduct business.

The nominees are being introduced.

Bolling has the cheers, but Muldoon had a surprising amount of of the crowd.

Cuccinelli has the nomination for AG. The cheers were deafening.

Mullins and Stanley had about an equal amount of cheering. Hmmmm.

And away we go. Ten minutes and then the clock kills the mike.

Bolling: (Heck. If you don't know his positions yet, I can't help you....I can't do justice to his speech)

Muldoon: Cheers aren't so loud as Bolling's. "First, the bad news. I am an attorney." I'm also a Farmer that believes the government that governs least, governs best. I'm an engineer, the best solutions are simple ones."

Basic message: The current Republican estabishment is out of touch with the grassroots. Placing himself as the populist grassroots leader. Attacking Bolling for an impressive list of actions. Perhaps he hasn't learned the lesson that you may affect a campaign or party with attacks, but can't get elected with only attacks. His solution is that HE will give a voice to the conservatives.

Hmmmm, the crowd IS responding to ALOT of his statements. I hope the "establishment" is listening. However, he is losing the crowd because he is not presenting any substantial solutions.
His applause lines are falling flat. "I will give Bob McDonnell a good wing man, not a yes man."

He's got the passion. And he does have a good point of view, but trying to present Bolling as a liberal is a little far-fetched.....

He's got about third of the crowd.

Winner: Bolling

Brownlee: Oops. Missed 6 minutes. Eric Cantor stopped by and he's my Congressman. Had to let him know what I thought about his voting record. That was fun.

So far, Brownlee is touting his prosecurtorial experience. And he's a vet! (What's that got to do with being AG?) Now he is stating that we need a candidate that can get elected statewide. Hmmmm.....Cooch is too conservative except when he's to vote for Brownlee because he's MORE conservative than Cuccinelli.....Except being conservative would hurt Cuccinelli in getting elected....

Cute kids.

Cuccinelli: BANG! Rock Star entrance. Lights dim. And he's there when the lights come up. A+ on the staging.

Starts off with the DHS report on the "extreme right wing." HUGE Don't Tread on Me Rattlesnake flags. Gets a bigger cheer than HANNITY!!!! Standing ovation!

Hmmm.....could this be the start of his campaign for governor?

"We are a minority because Republicans abandoned its core principles."
"This is important because if we don't protect the Constitution, there's no one left to do it."
"I don't just vote as a conservative. I have LED as a conservative."
"Constitutions don't evolve. They are either amended or they stay the same."
"We need an attorney general that will defend the sovereignty of the state of Virginia."

Leading as an unapologetic pro-2nd Amendment conservative in Fairfax and getting re-elected there, means that he can get elected statewide.

He's hitting with the crowd with basic principles and big ideas. And his supporters have filled the stadium with Gadsen flags. The presentation was amazing.

Foster: Has a core group of supporters in he Arlington section. Not too many other posters elsewhere.
Because we won in liberal Arlington, we can win throughout the state without losing our common sense conservative prinicples.

So far, nothing impressive. His stance is "elect me because I can win in liberal areas and Virginia is turning blue."

He is touting his business background and that he is best to attract business due to his commercial background.

Winner: Cuccinelli. Heck, vote him for Governor.

Stanley: Smattering of applause. First, he's hittig the dems and how they've put a "smiling face" on their "bankrupt proposals."
He's hitting his points of the need of Republicans to be conservative. His whole platform is that HE is the grassroots chairman. But he doesn't even cover that he is until almost 8 minutes into his speech. Whoever wrote his speech should be fired. NINE MINUTES into his speech he hits his 14 point agenda. He didn't cater to HIS strengths. Oh, and the timer works. The last few words were cut.

Mullins: Aggressive. Right to the podium. "I'm a Republican, I'm a conservative, and I want to win!" He's hitting his points with energy and passion. He's presenting his resume effectively and touting his experience in getting the grassroots organized.
He is just slamming the Dem candidates. Outstanding. And he's funny too.

Well, he won. He just gave Blogger's Row a shout out. And he's the first one to do so.

He gives a HELL OF A speech.

Winner: Mullins

Well, that's that. Gotta go vote. And eat lunch.




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