Friday, May 29, 2009

Its Only Intimidation When Conservative Groups Are Involved

The Obama Justice Department has dropped Election Day charges against the New Black Panther Party for Self Defense.

According to Fox News, the charges are related to an incident on Election Day 2008 at a polling place in Philadelphia, when three members of the New Black Panthers were accused of intimidating voters and blocking poll and campaign workers. (View Fox News video report)

A home video, posted on YouTube, shows one of the men -- who was later escorted away by police -- brandishing a nightstick. In the final days of the Bush administration, the three men were charged in a civil complaint with violating the Voting Rights Act by using coercion, threats, and intimidation.

Fox News discovered an affidavit provided to prosecutors by a poll watcher, who said he saw two uniformed men confront voters and attempt to intimidate voters.

Three black men, dressed in black para-military outfits with Black Panther insignia, one of them has a baton in plain view and is reported to have said to whites walking in to cast their ballot: "Now you're gonna see what it's like being ruled by a black man, cracker."

So the Obama Justice Department says it's not big enough to waste their time.
Well, gee wally wonkers. Is anyone surprised by this?

The New Black Panther Party should be on the terrorist watch list, and their leader Mohammad Shabazz Shabamm Shamwow, whatever he calls himself, along with the Nation of Islam and any other group which promotes seperatism or supremacy.

Idiots...(can be applied to the Black Panthers, the Holder Justice Department, or The Annointed One (may peace be upon him), as needed.

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