Saturday, May 30, 2009

And the Convention takes off

Aaaaand we're off. Sitting here with Spanky, Kilo, Alton, Swac Girl, YankeePhil and other bloggers. And we haven't caused a riot yet....

The Coliseum is packed! So many middle aged white people in one place, heck it looks like a mainstream media press room.....

We have a front row seat. Kudos to the RPV support team. They quickly fixed some tech glitches (we lost power).
The UVA Men's Accapella Choral group sang the Anthem. Beautiful!

Lt. Gov Bolling is opening things up. He's introduing McDonnell. Verrrrrryy... Clever. He gets to speak his piece twice.

Chanting of "Go Bob Go!" WooHoo!

Commercials for Bob starting. Why? He's unopposed....

Bloggers (well, me) are thinking of starting a chant, "HANNITY, HANNITY, HANNITY!"

Ooops, apparently I'm supposed to take this seriously. I just have to keep an ear out when the votes are happening.




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