Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kiss the 2nd Goodbye

Lets Have A Refresher Course on the Who, Why, and How of Blair-Holt/HR45
Originally posted in February 2009

First off, it does not contain a provision that requires reporting firearms on your tax return;
it doesn't have to. It's bad enough the way it's written.


Don’t know if you and your readers have seen this one yet.
I'm sure that you are aware, since you seem to spend so much time researching, but here goes:

This HR45 was written by Rebecca Peters. Probably written a couple years ago. The only point of the law is the name, thumb print and creating the database. It's exactly how she did it in Australia. It only took a couple years!

Rebecca Peters & Soros: Rebecca was a big part of the success in banning all guns in England. Soros was mightily impressed. He paid her way to Australia and funded her to get all guns banned in Australia. As stated from residents of Australia, "First they register everyone, then make it a felony to not report transfers or thefts, then they show up at your door with your gun list. What can you do? You turn them all over".

Mightily impressed with the speed and completeness of her work there, Soros relocated her to the U.S. and into a new position at the U.N.

About that time, he picked out Obama Saddam Husein Bin Laden, and funded his way into becoming our new president. It was accidentally leaked out back in late September that Peters had a prominent position in Obamaden's top group and that the entire gun ban protocol was already written. They even posted this on their website. Quickly removed of course. This was all before he (they) even won the election!

She has stated in public that the first and most important thing to do is to "register" everyone.

Also leaked out some months ago: "We need to create a centralized hard disk backup of all registration information, for safety and security of the data". Something like that. Of course, there is a specific law against that, but, who cares. "We are the law". So, with his new hand selected, all anti-gun, cabinet getting into place, they will implement the "centralized backup" and pass a law that every person and gun has to be registered.

They will also create a "national ID". This will help in creating the "central database" of their subjects. A basic requirement under socialism.

Then, (at the pace they are going it may be in the next month or two!), they will reinstate the "assault weapons ban". However, being that they are all lawyers and have the ban everything agenda, they'll change a few words in the final draft which will ban all semi-auto firearms and all 50cal or bigger. As each of these items come to public awareness, we can expect even more runs on guns. They also mean to register every ammo purchase as well. So, there will be further runs on ammo. These are just more steps to creating the database.

That's my little bit of info that has largely been escaping public reporting over the last year. I think the facts are accurate.... Send any corrections.I don't even peruse the gun chat sites like I used to. when I'm bored.

I wonder how many "Waco" actions will start popping up over the next couple years?More happy thoughts. For every single item that they accomplish, pretty much none of them can or will be undone.

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