Sunday, May 18, 2008

Obama Finds His Flag Lapel Pin

The word on the street over at is that B. Hussein Obama is wearing his American flag lapel pin. I know that it had long been absent as a part of his wardrobe. I'm taking the writers word for it, that he has been wearing it more often than before. I don't watch very much of Barack's speeches. I have heard more than enough of them to know were he stands, and I generally move on quickly when he (or Hillary) take the microphone.

I did find some common ground with Marjorie Valburn (at who wrote the article.
Says Marjorie to Obama and/or his campaign:

"Is this how your handlers suggest you signal to voters who question your love for this country that you really, really, really, do love America? I hope not, because all it does is reinforce your doubters' suspicions that your positions are fluid and politically expedient, and it confuses your supporters who believe that you are a man of strong principles. If you're not careful, "change we can believe in" is going to take on an entirely new meaning."

She's right, from a campaign standpoint. Even if some mystical event has transpired that would make Barack believe it's Ok to wear his lapel pin again (can't imagine what that would be) to do so now would only open up an old issue for him, and remind some people why they don't like him -- or worse give a new reason not to like him for some who were truly undecided.

If the article is true, this is such an elementary political blunder, it's mind-boggling. I find it hard to believe that his campaign managers or other handlers let him wear it. Then again, maybe it shows how much he listens to his campaign advisers.

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