Monday, March 25, 2013

What A Day-UPDATED For Dr Raoul

Dr Raoul covered the lodging for me and the PFC in New Jersey. The good Doctor was a legend. An inspriation to many of us. He was a walking encyclopedia of the tactics and connections on the left.
He will be missed. Prayers up for his family.

(Original posting 10 September 2007)

So much to blog, so little time.

I'm sitting in the Wendy's at Bordentown NJ, Exit 7 off the NJ Tpk., waiting for Doctor Raoul. He's bringing a young man up from DC who is about to be deployed on his first tour to Iraq with the 10th Mountain Div. He will be in Kuwait Friday.

I was the beneficiary of two tickets to the Freedom Concert, and I decided to make this young man's last week in the states a memorable one. He's never been to a Freedom Concert. He has no idea what's coming. He's from Montana. It's like having my son hanging out with me. Whoever raised this young man did an outstanding job.

I met him and his friend Chad (ROTC Catholic University, sharp, SHARP young man), at the press conference today.

The PC went well. We set up in the Upper Senate Park at 0930 and actually had several news organizations cover the event. CNN, NBC, WTOP and two I'm not sure of.


Afterwards we split up into several groups and walked the halls of Congress. I stopped in at Rep Cantor's office to pay my respects and let him know how much we all appreciated his continued support of our military's efforts in the War on Terror.

My nemesis (the Marxist beee-atch Susie Benjamin) was in the hallway dressed in pink. She got arrested later that day, along with sheehadi, after they created a disturbance during General Petraeous's report to Congress.
As I walked by, she started to flash the peace sign; I told her not to even start with me. I was very well behaved, Blogmistress. You would have been proud of the restraint I exibited. Good thing CargoSquid wasn't there.

I hope we got some airtime, cause I cleaned up pretty good, according to Capt Larry Bailey USN (Ret) Chairman of Gathering of Eagles

I have to give a shout out to a good friend in New York. Freeper AirBorne gave me TWO tickets to the Freedom Concert. He was originally going to go himself, but a medical emergency arose, and he opted out of the concert in order to make the Rally on Friday and Saturday. I drove from DC to White Plains NY and picked up the tickets.
You will get a chance to meet this saint on Saturday.

I'll try to blog from the concert, or from Hannity's show, if possible.
I need everyone listening to Hannity Tuesday...there is a small, very small, chance we'll get some coverage.

I'll have more later. For now, this is your very tired, intrepid warrior, signing off from the Bordentown, NJ Wendy's Exit 7 NJ Tpk.


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