Monday, March 19, 2007

Gathering Of Eagles: McDonald's After Action 3

There were so many Patriots at The Gathering Of Eagles in D.C. on March 17th that it was very hard to locate friends once the cell phone died.

With the huge turnout, there were enough people to stand guard not only at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, but at other memorials to the Fallen in the area.

There were enough red-blooded Americans to engage the protesters along the route as they left the Lincoln Memorial area (where we stood) and marched across the bridge that leads to Arlington Cemetery.

Braced at the foot of the bridge, like the Spartans at Thermopylae, stood a band of Iraq War Vets, Vietnam Vets, Protest Warriors, FReepers, and Patriots. It got a little hot and heavy down there but the line held and the anti-America protesters were herded off to the Pentagon.


ap photo
Concretebob and the mighty band of Warriors
in foreground face down the commies

nautinurse photo
The banner that greeted the protesters
coming over the bridge to Arlington

bmwcyle photo

nautinurse photo
A new generation of American Veterans and

reuters photo
Preparing for the Meet & Greet at the Pentagon

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