Sunday, March 18, 2007

Gathering Of Eagles: McDonald's After-Action 1

We knew it was going to be a very good day when we got on the Metro at Springfield/Franconia and there were more Veterans than moonbats on board as we headed into D.C.

A little snow still crusted the ground and a driving wind made it bitter cold but when we arrived at LZ Eagle there were nothing but warm smiles and a feeling that we had walked into a reunion of brothers, once separated by years and miles, now delighted to see each other again. I think it is safe to say there were no strangers in that crowd.

Outside of a military base, I have never seen so many MANLY men in one place. It was heady stuff, even for a settled-down-happily-married-type like myself. Most of the Vets wore their colors, some wore baseball caps or stetsons to i.d. their branch of service and I even spotted a couple of men in kilts (no mean feat in that freezing weather). F22strike (Gulf War Vet) wore a Bush/Cheney hat that worked quite well as a moonbat irritant much to our amusement.

It was touching to see the young Afghanistan/Iraq War Vets in the group treated with such respect and heartfelt gratitude by their older counterparts. The Vets also seemed to go out of their way to thank people who didn't have family in the military but who had come from all over to show their support and, well, I better post a few pictures before the screen gets all blurry.

LZ Eagle

LZ Eagle with The Wall at the foot of the hill

Funniest signs at the Rally. The one on the
right says: St. Patrick, drive the democrats
from our land

Setting up bp's

Face off at the Lincoln Memorial

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