Sunday, March 18, 2007

Gathering of Eagles: 30,000!

This was posted on the web site over at Gathering of the Eagles:

"That figure may be adjusted upward as more figure are tallied during the week. Fox News reported today that the anti-war protesters had significantly less than they expected. However, they are erroneously reporting that the Eagles were there in “equal numbers”. The truth is that we outnumbered them by at least three to one!
Consider…ANSWER had a year to plan their well-publicized event and were hoping for around 100,000. They actually drew about 5,000-10,000, according to various news reports today. The Gathering of Eagles, on the other hand, had about six weeks to plan an unprecedented response - and with no advertising, no publicity, no celebrity or political endorsement, no news coverage, and no big money, we had about 30,000 boots on the ground!
The volunteers poured themselves into this historic event, and all of you who attended gave so much to be there. I’ll stop here and let your words speak for themselves."
I can tell you what, I have been in quite a few counter-demonstrations and I have never seen that many people show up for our side before. We felt safe, united, and a part of something major that was on the correct side of the issue.
God Bless All Our Troops! We love you. This day was for you!

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