Wednesday, November 08, 2006

...A Red Day, A Sore Day, And Then The Sun Rises!"

Good Morning Conservatives!

So, the Republicans lost the House and are still in a position to maybe lose the Senate. As a person with a competitive streak who likes to win far more than to lose, I would have liked to see things go the other way. However, there are opportunities here.

We are going to get a ring-side seat for the 2007 Liberal Follies. The Democrats are now in control of the House with “Speaker” Pelosi in control of the gavel. Nothing is funnier, or more illustrative of why conservative principles and values work than watching liberals fail trying to govern with liberal policies and values.

There are lots of theories about why the election went the way that it did yesterday. Some sound fairly plausible, others don’t. A likely reason – which I have not heard offered anywhere else - is that almost an entire generation has passed since the Democrats were fully in power, much less in control of the legislative branch.
You would be hard-pressed to find anyone under the age of thirty-five who could tell you who Tip O’Neil is, much less what he stood for. Go not as far back in your mind’s eye to early 1990’s when Democrats controlled all levels of the federal government. Do you remember the antics of the Democrats then? Lots of people don’t. So, when you tell them what it will be like for them and their family to live under the legislative yoke of Democrat tax increases to fund ever-expanding -- and ever-failing -- social programs, they have no concept of it. But they will get a glimpse soon.

The incoming Democratic house members have made no secret of their desire to not only sunset the Bush tax cuts, but to increase many fees and taxes on the working class for the “common good.” You will see a minimum wage fight, unions rise up and demand more from workers, and a rapid expansion of social programs. You will see calls for increasing Social Security (even though Dems campaigned on the high cost of the prescription drugs program added by Bush the-younger.) A renewed call for “universal health care” and enough global warming hot air to melt the polar ice cap. This is all good for the conservative cause.

While the American people feel the bite of living under liberalism, the conservatives can go “back to formula” by honing their conservative message, while pointing to new examples of “Liberals Gone-Wild.” We can find and hone new leadership who has the brashness and dedication to advancing conservativism as did those incoming freshmen citizen legislators of the 1994 revolution. Conservatives can go on safari and hunt down and remove the R.I.N.O.s who hide in the brush of the Republican Party. They can craft a new vision for America in clear, Contract With America-style, and when they next engage their Democrat foes – next time with the presidency in the balance – they can face them with stronger armor.

So we have a lot to do. Certainly no time to play footsie with a gloating media. The last Democratic upswing proved to be one of the shortest rules in American government history. If we don’t get discouraged and work hard at being what we are – conservatives – we will return again, and have the Democratic Party take another 12-year governmental sabbatical.


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