Friday, October 20, 2006

President Bush And Senator George Allen Rock Richmond

President George Bush was on his way into town to fundraise for Sen. George Allen. I knew I wouldn't be able to stay long enough to see the motorcade but it was an opportunity to meet up with some fine folks from the Staunton area who had come down to support not only the President and our Senator but our Troops as well. We were joined by a very nice woman and her daughter from the Richmond area (not pictured).

W and Allen had Richmond rockin' and rollin' before the plane touched down. Heh.

Michael Savage likes to say liberalism is a mental disease. As I stood on the street across from the Science Museum yesterday afternoon I felt that in this instance his words were certainly vindicated.

Two older guys (RK says Brad Blanton was one of them. sigh) minced out to the traffic median, pulled up all the Allen for Senate signs they could lay their hands on and minced back. Nevermind that the signs had been placed there under the watchful eyes of the Richmond police. These two brown-shirt wannabees proclaimed that it was against city ordinances and with faces glowing in self-righteousness marched off with their booty.

I must admit that really irked me. You see, when my son came home from Iraq, we made a welcome home sign and stuck it in a place (gubmint property so to speak) where I knew he would see it on his way home. Thankfully, he did see it and was very pleased. But in less than 24 hours a sign-nazi stole it. Those two losers yesterday reminded me once again how petty democrat/ics are.

Webb people were there on the sidewalk and all kinds of other odd lefties. In the press reports afterwards I was so pleased to see that for the first time in this area, the obscenities on the signs and in the chants used by the protesters were reported on.

Code Pink was represented at the protest. (You know, the group that protests every week at Walter Reed Army Medical Center for crying out loud!) They had lots of shoes with pink tags lined up on the grassy knoll. The World Workers Party had their minions there disguised as various anti-war operatives. Same old same old.

These people were angry, inarticulate and pathetic. One young man who stood staring at me for a long time was wearing a tee shirt with arabic looking lettering. I asked him what it meant. He told me it translated "I am an enemy combatant" in reference to recent legislation the President had signed. The poor guy couldn't give me any details of the bill and by the looks of him couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag enemy combatant or no, but, boy was he worried.

You know, considering the source, I don't care if democrat/ics mock me but it certainly illustrates their true character when they LIE.
From Raising Kaine:
"What is especially sad about that group of 4-6 people was their attitude and lack of respect for freedom of speech. They actually believed that we should be made to leave, even though we had a permit and their group did not. Thy repeatedly whined to the police that the protestors were too loud, that we should go home and respect the event, and that we should be kept to one street corner like they were."
and let's not forget this LIE:
"They actually asked the police numerous times to "speak for the majority (yeah, 6 to 300 is a majority to some people) and turn on the tear gas to shut us up."
And now a fact or two. The only thing we asked the police was where did they want us to stand.

The protesters had an entire block including a grassy knoll not just one corner .

When only three American Patriots were left (2 women and 1 man) the protesters surrounded them, screaming obscenities at them. The police intervened at no one's request. These 3 people were later followed back to their vehicle by the screaming protesters.

Now tell me again just who is trying to suppress free speech?


UPDATE: SWAC Girl has posted her AAR! You've got to read it. It's incredible!

For pictures and bragging about the profane signs and chants check out IndyMedia (has a great picture of SWAC Girl's flag) and RaisingKaine.

The DailyPress AP story has a quote by yours truly.

The RTD mentions the profanity used by the protesters. Thank you, thank you. They also have slide shows.

A bloggers view of the event from the right at The Virginian Federalist.

Channel 6 and Channel 8 provided coverage.

It was quite an experience and to top it all off, a handsome young man showed me his tattoo! I've gotta get downtown more often.


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