Thursday, September 14, 2006

Webb on the 2nd Amendment

When it comes to protecting our 2nd Amendment rights there is only one Senate candidate I trust - George Allen. Jim Webb claims he supports the 2nd Amendment, but would he support another infringement on our rights by working to enact another Assault Weapons Ban?

From a recent VCDL alert regarding the large Webb contingent at the Roanoke gun show comes this:
MOST [Webb supporters] stated Mr. Webb would not vote for any more gun laws restricting our gun rights. One spokeslady talked to us for quite some time--she stated Mr Webb supported our rights--then she made an eye opening statement--- she stated Mr Webb was like President Clinton, and would not be a part of any new gun laws------when I asked her--"What about the assault weapons ban of 1994?", she did NOT know what I was talking about!

Renewing the AWB (aka Clinton gun ban) may be popular among leftistx (Neal supports it, RK does too) and Webb has publicly stated "That's the difference between, between self protection and military style weapons and I wouldn't have a hard time saying that the people don't need fully automatic weapons."

Whether he means people shouldn't have machine guns or any "military style weapon" (by style is he talking aesthetics?) doesn't matter. I should have the right to own a machine gun if I want one (I think I just heard an "OH MY"). Someone tell me, how many crimes have been committed with legally owned machine guns since 1934? Also, I wonder, without looking it up, can you tell me what the Assault Weapons Ban did? The items that were outlawed, what crimes did they prevent? Anyone? Despite all the cries about blood in the streets, the sunset of the ban has not caused an increase in crime.

The ignorance of the RK crowd is amazing. This statement regarding AK-47s cracks me up:
Hell you'd prolly kill half your family by firing the damn thing in your home if you didn't know what you were doing and were startled by a burglar.
Uhhh, ok. Please tell me, how exactly would that happen? A startled homeowner is going to start randomly firing into the dark and kill their family? You've got a nice imagination, but in the real world things like that don't happen.

From Lowell on the Webb for Senate blog we find this little gem posted on August 4, 2006:
On guns, Webb is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. He has never changed his position on this issue since I've known him (12/05).

Let me get this straight. Lowell had at that time known Webb for 9 months and is holding that up as something to be proud of. Check out this post to see Webb's history of endorsements. He doesn't seem to have a history of keeping a position for long (unless, of course, it may be regarding women in the military).

So, first off, I don't believe Webb will be as strong a 2nd Amendment supporter as Senator Allen and, even if I did believe it, I would also believe that his position would change depending on which way the wind was blowing.

One more bit from another VCDL alert:
Quote for the day from "Lord of War" with Nicolas Cage, who plays an arms broker, "There are over 550,000,000 firearms in worldwide circulation. That is one firearm for every twelve people on the planet. The only question is ... how do we arm the other eleven?"

Lastly, today is my birthday (I'll give anyone who can correctly guess my age a nice round of applause), I've been wanting either an AK-47 or an SA58. Maybe I'll actually order one.

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