Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Webb Dodges Question on Racial Epithet

(09-26) 18:15 PDT Fredericksburg, Va. (AP) --

Democratic Senate challenger Jim Webb declined to say definitively Tuesday whether he had ever used a common derogatory term to describe blacks, stepping carefully after watching his campaign rival confront charges of racism.

"I don't think that there's anyone who grew up around the South that hasn't had the word pass through their lips at one time or another in their life," Webb told reporters.

Webb referred to his novel, "Fields of Fire," which aides said includes occurrences of the n-word as part of character dialogue. But he added: "I have never issued a racial or ethnic slur."

Asked for clarification of his original answer, spokeswoman Jessica Smith quoted Webb as saying, "I have never used that word in my general vocabulary or in any derogatory way."

She declined to say whether he had ever used the word apart from when he wrote his book.

Well if that don't beat all!

Once again the lawyer, Jim Webb, parses words and basically wimps out - to no one's surprise I'm sure.

He is running what will go down as one of the sleaziest, vile campaigns in Virginia political history for, among other things, the egregious violation of his opponent's family, sparing no one: not an elderly grandma nor her young grandson. Oh, and by the way, they haven't finished with Senator Allen's family yet so I hear.

Jim Webb is proving himself a coward hiding behind his staff as they fling lies every which way like babies throwing toys out of a playpen.

I have been waiting since the June primary for Webb to start campaigning on the issues. (Yes, we know he is against the War in Iraq.... and?)

But as of today, does anyone really care where he stands on anything? He has proven himself to be morally corrupt, mean and petty.

It is clear, at least to me, why he didn't get an appointment in the Bush Administration in 2000 after endorsing the President. (I must admit some former curiousity on that point.) The man likes to start fights but can't seem to finish them and then there is the whole integrity (or lack thereof) issue.

I almost feel sorry for the people Webb is dragging down with him, like Larry Sabato, but Sabato is a grown man and should have seen the bus coming when Webb & Co. threw him under.


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