Monday, September 25, 2006


We are having way too much fun over here on Allen's B-Team and it just doesn't seem right not to spread the joy a bit.

So this week we have asked a few Webb supporters and other Democrat/ics to pick their most reviled B-Team posts past and present for inclusion in the Weakly Webb Woundup.

Aim your pointer at their noses and mash hard. You will immediately be transported to realms of reason and sanity. Here we go...

Always at the front of the bus, Senator "Sheetz" Byrd was most offended by SwacGirl's uplifting post: GEORGE ALLEN, THE BLOGGERS, AND HIS JEWISH HERITAGE.

The VVAW got a little kerried away and made a bungled attempt to take out Black Velvet Bruce LI for his expose': LIES FROM VOTEVETS.ORG

This person wished to remain anonymous for reasons known only to her and her parole officer. Her beef is with Spank That Donkey for the biting post: WEBB JUST HANDED ALLEN A GUN IN KERRY ENDORSEMENT.

Gumball Guy (yes, those are gumballs rattlin' around in that bra) phoned in his complaint that The Ward View was too insensitive to do Mohawka Man justice: SIDDARTH NOT OFFENDED TIL LATER???

Bill and Hill don't have any complaints. They've got Jim Webb right where they want him. I suspect they showed up because they wanted some face time on a B-Team blog. I do recommend that they carefully read I'm Not Emeril's post: BORN QUITTING?

Sorry... wrong picture... mash anyway.

Muammar al Gadhafi or as progressives have affectionately nicknamed him, "Guide of the First of September Great Revolution of the Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya", was not amused by Spank That Donkey's post: GEO STRATEGY LESSON FOR LIBERALS.

The Kids at Raising Kaine were spotted out in daylight on a Ritalin run and chalked a message on a tree. They are riled at Spark It Up!!! for uncovering this blistering NYT piece (not to mention Kilo's revealing conclusion): JIM WEBB 1988.

onlyadogcanhearmefartnottruenottrueit'salieItellyoualie... The Ward View's post: JIM WEBB'S ARYAN NATION.

A B-Team blogger ran into Governor Tim Kaine while he was, curiously enough, shopping for calculators without subtraction functions. When asked, he opined that politics can be rough but he draws the line at bad mouthing the Dixie Chicks. Did Spank That Donkey go too far? WILL JAMES WEBB INVITE DIXIE CHICKS TO VA???

"Well, what is he? Democrat, Republican, Democrat? Call me back when you find out. I got Hugo holding on the other line."
Will do, Rev. Spark It Up!!! has it on tape: JIM WEBB SPEAKS AND I AGREE!!!

"What do you mean Jim Webb's attacking an elderly Budhist? Is he crazy? Those people are loaded. I went to a tea party and walked out of there with more loot in my pants than Sandy Ber... what? Oh... Nevermind."



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