Monday, August 07, 2006

Webbage Wraps: Jim Needs Face Time

We heard Jim Webb went missing. Rumor has it he went to Chicago in search of Union dues donations for his financially strapped campaign. Candidates can win on a shoestring budget but Webb's is looking more like dental floss that's seen better days.

One thing that may be hindering donations is Mr. Webb's lack of Facial Recognition. To prove the point we put together a collection of photos of men named Jim Webb and asked folks to pick out the one that is running for the United States Senate seat in Virginia against George Allen. We even added a clue (to no avail I'm afraid).

See if you can spot the candidate in the line up below.

The women in our unscientific and blatantly biased poll leaned towards Jim Webb E & Jim Webb F. Most of the men picked Jim Webb G which we believe indicates the Born Fightin' meme is catching on now that the campaign has decided to drop it.


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