Sunday, August 27, 2006

Martinsville Blogs United AAR

The Martinsville Blogs United Conference was a huge success! Alton, Barnie, Anne and Mary did a first class job wining, dining, entertaining and educating the participants. We were all given a copy of Barnie Day's book, Notes From the Sausage Factory, which I look forward to reading.

I don't know how I would have managed driving to the various events Friday night. Chris from Spank That Donkey was very kind to let me ride with him. He also gave me a little blue donkey lighter so that I, too, can have an Editorial Board for my blog.

Delegate Tim Hugo gets a standing "O" for hanging in there. We were an eclectic crew and he took it all in stride with humor and good will. I really appreciate the fact that he spent so much time with us and thank his family for sharing him this weekend.

What a pleasure to meet the ladies Kat, Red Queen, Eileen, Badrose
and Republitarian's Wife from the blogosphere. I also enjoyed conversations with a Martinsville lawyer (having a senior moment here) Eric Monday (thanks Kat) who was on the libel panel and Jim P.

Got to shake hands with Will Vehrs, Norm Leahy, Steve Sisson and Jerry Fuhrman. I also enjoyed meeting Virginia Centrist who has a good sense of humor for a democratic.

And Kilo! I luv ya man! But I'm holding your Crown Royal responsible for me missing AG Bob McDonnell's Saturday morning address.

A few more AAR's:
Black Velvet Bruce Li
City Slicker
Brian Patton


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