Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Sanford Police Chief Fears “Violence” in Response to Zimmerman Verdict

Via Drudge Report:
Sanford Police Chief Fears “Violence” in Response to Zimmerman Verdict

This also scares the hell out of me, because the New (but same as the old) Black Panther Partay was instrumental in forcing the prosecuter to re-file charges two months after police investigators determined there was not sufficient evidence to support any type of murder charge. Zimmerman acted in self-sefense after Martin laid in wait and initiated the attack, based on testimony I heard yesterday.

When you are on the ground with someone on top of you, using your head as a jackhammer, you are the one in trouble and quick action is needed. You don't have time to consider alternative outcomes. YOu will die if you don't do something.


Blogger Sharifah Hammond said...

you are a damn fool all of you who thinks he was innocent. Y'all had all the evidence to convect him. Now y'all opened the door for a war that this country does not need. Being the fact you as the law gave the ok for the citizens to take the law in their own hand. Now you have an epidemic on your hands. Millions of people buying firearms so that we can serve and protect our own. Just so went wont have to leave in fear for our children hell it aint like the government going to protect us. You guys should that around nation wide. What if it was your child or better yet what zimmerman parents didn't work in high places or know some people that know some people. Y'all the law enforcement of Sanford Florida aint worth a damn i feel sorry for your little town with all the corruptness you all should just turn in your badges and guns because if your gonna let citizen take the law in their own hand and then cover for him. please y'all mind as well issue the police works such as guns, badges, protective gear to everyone around the world. That is the message you just sent out across the nation. you all are ignorant and bias to the truth and i hope the real government step in strip yall of everything just like yall did to TRAYVON MARTIN. You took away his rights when you let that man go free. the freedom of speech he cant speak for himself so it's left up us we the people. We the people who solemnly swear to protect our own against this corrupt judicial system. May God Have Mercy On You All...

July 14, 2013 12:03 PM  

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