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Open Letter to Joan Peterson of Common Gunsense

Edit: To those coming from Weer'ds, A Girl and Her Gun, and Jennifer's- Welcome! Pull up a chair and look around. ConcreteBob and I love visitors. And leave a comment! Say Hi!

January 8th was the anniversary of the Tuscon shooting. Anti-2nd Amendment gun control activists used that date to hold candle light vigils for the victims of "gun violence." Of course, we all know that there are victims of MANY forms of violence.

We decided, guided by Weer'd Beard, of Weer'd World, to hold our own vigils, showing candles AND firearms or other weapons of defense, in honor of victims of ALL violence. We did this to honor the victims and to show that one does NOT have to be defenseless.

Joan, of Common Gunsense, is appalled by the reaction of the 2nd Amendment supporters to the vigil. She states,
"Here is a message to the pro gun extremists who have mocked the candlelight vigils. Have you no shame?"
Her list of comments taken from pro-2nd Amendment blogs and comments are supposed to demonstrate our horribleness.

Go. Take a look. I'll wait.

There....that wasn't so bad. The first two mention self defense and honor victims. The third is short and sweet:
"Sorry Joan, we show respect for the victims, you dance in their blood."
A little harsh. But what do you say about activists that want to disarm people, make them defenseless, and then use their victimhood as propaganda to push a political agenda? Remember, the vigils were ONLY about the victims of GUN VIOLENCE. All other violence need not apply. Self defense was ignored, even derided as "more shootings."

Then she posted the supposed mean commenters. They said mean things about HER and the activists. But mainly her. I mean....Joan's blog IS about political activism. Its right there on her side bar: "My blog is intended to change public opinion about the gun debate"

What else are we to make of her intended vigils except as a political stunt? She even intoned the name of Representative Giffords, injured in Tuscon. Rep. Giffords is a gun owner and apparent 2nd Amendment supporter.

Jennifer, of In Jennifer's Head, wrote a wonderful blog post. In it, she asks Joan,
"Where's the Candle for Lydia?"

Joan's hypocritical reply on her blog (emphasis mine):
"So Jennifer thinks no one would light a candle for Lydia? Who says? Why didn't Jennifer come to one of our vigils and light a candle for Lydia? Because she would rather attack the vigils which were in honor and memory of shooting victims. So, Jennifer-sorry you missed our vigils. We would welcome you.
Except for one small detail. Who says? JOAN SAID. No one DID light a candle for Lydia at the victim vigils by your activists because they were only concerned about the politically correct victims of "gun violence. See.....Lydia was not attacked by someone with a gun. And Lydia, not having a gun, was horrible injured. Of course, gun control activists feel that not having a gun is for the better.

Furthermore, Joan continually states that we gun-rights people attacked the victims and have threatened her. Her posts show no such thing. But let's take a look at the evidence.

First there's my post: Light A Candle to Hold Back the Darkness
My comment with pic:
Tonight, many gun control groups are holding candle lit vigils to honor the victims of "gun violence."
As those of us in the reality based world know, one needs more than a candle for protection. And we refuse to become defenseless.

And so, we gun bloggers are also lighting honor of those damaged by violence, ANY VIOLENCE. "Gun violence" is a political canard. Guns protect innocent lives.

Carry yours.
Then there is Weer'd's: Do More Than Just Light a Candle

Other than links and pics, there are NO political statements attacking ANYONE on this page.

Let's examine the links, as described by Weer'd, to avoid confusion:

1) Jay (aka MArooned) He posted other pics and links, no attacks. I love the candle.
2) North Not even harsh comments....
3) Erin who links to other respectful blogs, most especially Miguel (also linked on Weer'd's post.) at GunFreeZone, who liit a candle for more victims ignored by the gun control activists. Brigid, too, deserves special mention for wonderful writing. attacks.
4) Jeffersonian is short and sweet in his post. There's no room for attacks.
5) McThag has three posts up. The only harsh words are for the Navy's choice in attack aircraft in unrelated posts.
6) Bryan Strawser should be thanked by Joan for spreading news about her blog and her vigils.
7) Jack Nope. Very respectful.
8) Knitebane Same.
9) Shy Wolf Patriotic and respectful. Even applauds the vigils against "gun violence."
10) Lokidude delivers. Yet, unsurprisingly, also respectfully.
11) Then there is A Girl and Her Gun. Joan's anti-thesis. A victim that demands a gun. Joan points out comments by her that are supposed to be "harsh." Apparently she's the wrong kind of victim. And the blog....everything is STILL respectful and Gabby Gifford's neighbor, HER NEIGHBOR, comments positively about buying a firearm.
12) ThotPD Irreverent! Oh no!....oh, wait. He's making fun of Weer'd. Never mind.
13) MaddMedic Emphatic. But polite.

Wow. All that posting. Not a single attack against victims or gun control activists. Not even a harsh word. Or snark. Which, if you are familiar with gun bloggers is a freaking miracle.

Let's see.....Maybe its hidden in Weer'd comments...

Nope. Just more links to more memorials. And links to the CSGV on Facebook to show the reactions of the gun control fanatics. THE OVERWHELMING CONSISTENT THREAD IS THE TOTAL LACK OF ANY MENTION OF YOU. You appear to be upset because we ignored you, mostly, and joined "your" vigil, and did it our way.

Joan Peterson...without proof, without evidence, you slander good people. And yet you call us shameless? You have the outright, shameless, unmitigated, GALL to insult people that actually JOINED you in honoring victims of violence BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T DO IT IN YOUR APPROVED MANNER?

Apparently, the vigils were all about..... you.

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