Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Heaven Has Three New Angels

Last Wednesday, in Texarkana TX, some lowlife scumsucking asswipe murdered a good friend of mine and both of her children. Then the lowlife scumsucking asswipe set fire to her house to cover up the act.

Amanda Prewett Doss was the most incredible person I've ever worked with. I met her in 2006 at the Veterans for the Truth/BootMurtha Rally in Johnstown PA. We immediately became friends. She was a tireless advocate for veterans, POW/MIA issues and she absolutely hated Murtha and Kerry, which immediately earned her a place in my heart. She was beautiful physically and mentally. She believed in what she did.

She was a Soldiers Angel before the concept was ever thought of. Her support for Viet Nam veterans and the issues those veterans dealt with is legndary in our circles.

Sh never failed to make it to DC when it was needed. She helped me with my two pro-troop rallies and was a Founding Member of Gathering of Eagles. She was also a founding member of Operation Streetcorner.

I can't understand the mind of anyone who does evil against another. It is just unbelievable that someone would do evil against Amanda or her children. The person or persons responsible for the murder of Amanda and both her chidren has an asswhipping of monumental proportions coming at some point in the future. Justice will take its course, but vengence is delivered by God. He has special plans for the ones who caused this beautiful Lady and her two children such grief and horror.

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