Thursday, May 27, 2010

DDT is good for you and other living things. Well, except mosquitoes.

DDT is a danger to the natural world! It kills Bald Eagles! It kills Peregrine Falcons! Its horrible!

Not. So. Much.

What it IS a danger to is mosquitoes. And mosquito borne diseases are on the rise again. Millions die in Africa because of Malaria and other diseases borne by the mosquito. Malaria is on the rise.
But the hue and cry is for an HIV cure. Why not prevent malaria first, thereby improving the immune systems of millions.

From the American Enterprise Institute:
The United States was not the only country in the Americas to use DDT to great effect. Table 1 details the dramatic impact of DDT on malaria cases in selected countries in the Americas. Notably, success was greatest in island countries, where the vector could be contained most easily. In 1955, WHO launched its own malaria eradication program, based on the extraordinary successes seen thus far with DDT. The program was funded mostly by the U.S. government.


The Richmond Examiner exposes the fact that Dengue fever, aka "bone break" fever, is on the rise in the US.

Key West is the latest outbreak.

Bring back DDT. Save lives. Maybe yours.

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