Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Step by Step Inch By Inch

It's very easy to follow when you actually see it happening.

Stage One- Take over the legislative and executive branches of government by posing a social reformers, friends of the poor and offering greatly expanded government services financed by taxing the “rich”. (DONE)

Stage Two- Demonize and marginalize the opposition and the opposition press. As the majority of the population begins to question the government and its so called reforms, use the state controlled media to characterize the majority as a tiny extremist fringe. (IN PROGRESS)

Stage Three -Declare that opposition is a danger. People attending opposition rallies are denounced. The opposition party and opposition media of are accused of advocating and encouraging violence. Demands made that all such incitement to violence stop. (IN PROGRESS)

Stage Four- Opposition newspapers and broadcast outlets are closed. Government thugs disrupt opposition rallies and assault participants. (DONE) Government takes over election boards and ballot counting. (DONE)

Stage Five - Establishment of large para-military internal security force and mass arrests of opponents. (Including ‘liberals’ who supported the initial government takeover).(BEING PLANNED AS WE SPEAK)

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