Friday, November 14, 2008

Serendipitious Praise from an unexpected source

The USA has been blamed for its "Go it alone" attitude; our "don't give a damn about your opinion" stance. And, arguably, an understandable one, when a nation is constantly being criticized for it each and every action or lack of action.

We see only the opinions that the press deem worthy to repeat. Anti-Americanism sells papers in other nations as much as it sells here. We don't hear the voices of foreigners that work closely with Americans and admire them.

Until now.

Jean-Marc Liotier, of Serendipitous Altruism, translates a French article from a French OMLT (Operational Mentoring Liaison Teams) infantryman. As he writes, "this is a rare and moving testimony which is why I decided to translate it into English, so that American people can catch a glimpse of the way European soldiers see them."

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