Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Fun Time at Cindy Sheehan's Protest in Charlottesville

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A group of pretty college girls stood near us at the protest.

They had handmade signs.

I think their little sisters might have helped with the lettering

... Bush is a liar and cool stuff like that.

One of the girls wore a teeny weeny little kilt.

Maybe she borrowed it from her little brother.

Oh no. There was something wrong with the kilt.

It had blown up in the back.

Waaaay up.

And it didn't come down.

And she had no undies on.

And everyone was smiling.

Peace rallies are fun.

A lady took some pictures.

"Quit taking pictures of me!" says kilt girl.

"Quit showing your a** in public!" says camera lady.

Kilt girl started to cry and ran away.

Her girlfriends ran away.

But, soon, her biggest girlfriend came back with...


"Charge her with sexual harassment!" says biggest girlfriend.

"Show me the pictures, Ma'am."

"Yeah. Riiiight." says Camera Lady.

Disclaimer: This is a true story. Only the pictures have been changed. They have been changed because I do not have a camera. I gave it to my son to take on his second deployment in the Long War to serve and protect silly girls pretending to be experts on National Defense and the Middle East, moonbats who don't have the sense to wear underpants beneath six inch long mini-skirts for crying out loud!
God bless our Troops. ~ flora




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