Saturday, April 14, 2012

Legislative Group Under Attack from Left for Voter ID, Stand Your Ground Support

Legislative Group Under Attack from Left for Voter ID, Stand Your Ground Support
With little to show for last year's demonization campaign, the left has proven both adaptive and resilient. Today's attacks, led by [Van Jones and] Color of Change, have deemphasized the focus on abstracts like the sanctity of democracy, and instead targeted specific issues ripe for demagoguery and race-baiting. ALEC is being bludgeoned for supporting bipartisan Stand Your Ground laws - which is being falsely blamed for the Trayvon Martin shooting - and widely popular, common sense voter ID laws.

On both of these issues, the public agrees with ALEC. A majority opposes the efforts of the Justice Department to block the Texas Voter ID law, for instance, and more than 70% believe voters should be required to show ID before being allowed to vote. And despite the hostile and dishonest media coverage over the Trayvon Martin shooting, a majority still support Stand Your Ground laws, which have been passed in numerous states by overwhelming, bipartisan majorities.

That the left is able to pressure businesses into disassociating from an organization over positions that the public overwhelmingly supports is a testament to their effectiveness in waging intimidation campaigns. It also should serve as a warning to the right that winning on the merits is not always enough. We have to be vocal, or the louder minority will successfully convince frightened businesses that they are a majority.


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