Monday, April 02, 2012

Democrats Determined to Keep Fluke-Gate Alive

Democrats Determined to Keep Fluke-Gate Alive
It's the story that won't go away, the tactic Democrats keep dragging out and inflating with with artificial indignation to secure relevance. They do it because their presidential incumbent needs not just one political identity card -- he needs the whole deck. The administration's attempt to malign Rush Limbaugh and their collusion with MMfA to censor conservatives on the airwaves failed miserably, yet a bogeyman is still needed. Dutiful Hillary Clinton is trotted out to push the dead nontroversy, again. (And progressives insist that conservatives won't stop talking about it?) Clinton's time as the long-suffering silent spouse to her philandering Presidential husband has not blunted her appetite one iota for using women to push an agenda, as indicated by her recent interview with Andrea Mitchell.


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