Thursday, March 18, 2010

DCExaminer Editorial Highlights


Stop kicking in our doors, Madame Speaker

Examiner Editorial
"Pelosi evidently has decided to refine American democracy using the Hugo Chavez manual on public persuasion."

Israel's new enemy, America

Cal Thomas, Examiner Columnist
"Making demands of only one side before serious negotiations begin, especially on matters of Jerusalem, so-called "refugees" and borders, effectively pressures Israel into making concessions on all three, which would severely damage its prospects for continued existence."

David Freddoso, Examiner Columnist
"The state's insurance premiums, already the highest in the nation, have chased costs upward."

Slaughter on the southern border

Michelle Malkin, Examiner Columnist
"Drug-related crime is out of control, the State Department is warning spring-break vacationers to avoid the Mexican states of Durango, Coahuila and Chihuahua, and the bloodshed has now reached the U.S. consulate's office."

Rahm Emanuel for the Senate?

Jeri Thompson, Op Ed Contributor
"If Giannoulias runs into Rahm in a gym shower in the next few weeks, he ll know his political goose is cooked."

Politicians smother cities

John Stossel, Examiner Columnist
"In a state that already taxes its citizens heavily, Cleveland's politicians drown businesses in taxes. One result: Since 2000, 50,000 people have left the city. Half of Cleveland's population has left since 1950."

Only some children left behind

Meghan Cox Gurdon, Examiner Columnist
"But public schools have something else in common: Their work force is unionized. Teachers union imperatives seem invariably to trump the interests of children."

Gregory Kane, Examiner Columnist
"We've now become a nation of victims claiming all sorts of rights, not a nation of citizens obligated to accept responsibilities."

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